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Hardknock Hardwood Flooring

About Us

We specialize in all aspects of hardwood flooring. We take extreme pride in our knowledge and experience of hardwood flooring installations and finishing. We provide environmentally safe products as well as a clean and professional work ethic. We work hard with every customer to reach their exact expectations. 

Hardknock Hardwood Flooring uses only top quality, proven products to protect and beautify new floors and revitalize the luster and strength of existing floors. From color changes to floor treatments, our experienced professionals can do it all! We proudly offer our knowledge and expertise in hardwood flooring including:

  • Hardwood Floor Installation
  • Wood Floor Refinish
  • Wood Floor Repair
  • Wood Laminate Flooring
  • Wood Inlay Designs
  • Borders
  • Custom Colors
  • Certified workmanship

Quality is mandatory. This is expected of all flooring companies. Honesty and professional workmanship as well but sometimes this is hard to detect. Choosing a floor company should not be based strictly on price but rather on your level of comfort. A floor company should be able to not only answer any questions you might have but also mention things you haven't even thought of. Educating our customers not only makes our job easier it makes the customer comfortable and confident with their choice. We discuss all the products that are available to you. We use our knowledge of hardwood flooring to get the best result for your floor. Call today for your free in home consultation and receive a Hardknock Hardwood Flooring education.  For more information, send us a request on our Contact Us page, or call (631) 582-7373

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